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is pleased to offer

an automated robotic 

paint booth

Custom Automated Robotic Paint Booth

This uniquely designed, space-saving and self-contained paint booth, features a Fanuc Paint Mate robot, offering speed and dexterity to complete even the most complex application


All models begin with a sturdy stainless steel frame and feature a large side door for easy part loading as well as wire-reinforced viewing windows that enable you to safely monitor the entire painting process. 


Machines also feature an optional air blow-off for drying between processes and are available with self-cleaning cycles for minimal operator maintenance and downtime.  



  • Custom part fixturing with 360° rotation, tilt available

  • Graco integrated paint system

  • Integrated VOC filtration with active carbon filters

  • Internally or externally vented exhaust

  • System monitoring for proper airflow

  • Safety Kleen solvent and recycling systems

  • Robot Protective Suit 

What makes this system unique is its ability to independently rotate and tilt the part during the painting process enabling the spray to penetrate intricate and formerly hard to reach areas.


Furthermore, the use of custom-tailored robotic path programs, allow special concentrations/timing/angles to be utilized. The system has the potential to be programmed for hundreds of specific part numbers or run a general paint pattern. A multitude of options are available to make it adaptable to the solution required.

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