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CandyBot 3.0 

CandyBot 3.0 came to life beautifully, from the manufacturing of its parts to precision welding, assembly, and wiring.
This integrated system is a marvel of automation technology, capable of performing tasks with speed and accuracy. It's the perfect example of how our team can help streamline your manufacturing processes and improve efficiency. Stay tuned for more updates on Candybot and our other automation solutions!

Integration of Shipstation & Packaging Automation

Are you using a product like ShipStation but would like to take it to the next level and integrate it directly into an automated packaging solution? While shipping software can be a great tool for automating your shipping functions, most products stop short of taking your package from the shelves to the loading dock.

Automated Medical Device Inspection and Packing System

This system utilizes a combination of custom mechanically engineered feeding systems, servo actuators, Fanuc robotics, and the latest in vision technology tools. PrimeTest Automation was able to provide many assembly line improvements, add an automated carton erecting process, and strengthen their existing system.

PrimeTest Automation's CandyBOT - Fanuc M1 Demonstration

Demonstration of a Fanuc M1 Robot utilizing iRVision and conveyor tracking to pick and place M&M's from a moving conveyor. This video shows how capable this high speed robot is at picking small parts for typical packaging and assembly applications.

Feedback Spring Rate Test Machine

This uses a Fanuc cobot for an Aerospace/Test and Measurement application. Designed in SOLIDWORKS for compact space requirements, it has a UL 508A certified control panel and vision system providing closed-loop feedback to multi-access precision stages to align part for testing multiple part numbers, and configurable test parameters allow for maximum user and tester flexibility.

Automotive Component Vision Inspection with Robotic Pack Out

This system, designed in 3-D CAD using SOLIDWORKS, features NI LabVIEW/VBAI solution and fully integrated controls, includes a multiple box load designed to limit operator tending, automated interleaf placement. Product is received directly from the press with vision inspection performed on multiple attributes of product. Failed parts are identified and segregated.

Automated Parts Washing System 

This intrinsically safe, self-cleaning system consists of a stainless-steel housing, a universal parts holding fixture for easy operator load, and a high-pressure solvent wash with robotic part repositioning to reach any angle. Featuring an integrated NESHAP Rated, 4 stage filtration system for solvent cleaning and recycling, this system was designed in 3-D CAD using Solid Works and features a FANUC Paint Mate Robotic Solution.

Robotic Machine Tending and Measurement System

Shown here are a pair of robotic machine tending cells. Parts to be machined are loaded and identified with bar-coded separators. Machining programs and part data is loaded from a database and fed to the equipment in the cell. Each cell includes a DMG Mori CNC lathe, Hexagon Metrology

Multi Robot Material Handling  System

This system features two Fanuc LR Mate 200iD robots being used for material handling and machine tending. These robots move the product through a series of process operations involving material blanking and bonding and then through final vision inspection utilizing a Keyence IV-500MA vision sensor.

Using FANUC’s Vision-Guided Robotics for Product Packaging 

One of the fastest-growing trends in robotics is the use of vision-guided robots.  This PrimeTest® Automation vision-guided robotics system, featuring a FANUC M-1iA delta-style robot equipped with iRVision, is performing high-speed product stacking. 

Robotic Assembly of Complex Engine Ignition Component

Fully automated system utilizing a Fanuc LR Mate 200iC 6 axis robot. This lightweight and compact robot is designed for small part handling, assembly, and process applications.

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