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Our History

Tomorrow's Automation  Today®

Originally two independent companies,

Performance Automation and

PrimeTest Corporation,

Owners, Steve Benvenuto and Dan Press had both made career advancements in automation and test systems, respectively, earning credibility, and developing deep relationships within their industries.

"The thrill of solving a manufacturing challenge with the most efficient and effective automation or test systems is what drives us and has from day one"

At Performance Automation in 2001, Steve built a general

automation house, taking on projects with PLC-based control panels, control systems, pick and place robotics, automated assembly, and other automated processes.  In the meantime, Dan and his team at PrimeTest Corporation worked on end-of-line testing, PC-based data acquisition and measurement, and LabVIEW software development.

The two companies soon became acquainted and collaborated on several projects before Performance Automation acquired PrimeTest Corporation in 2005. By combining, the new company, PrimeTest Automation® could serve customers as a one-stop shop for automation system design, prototype, test, and deployment.


Since then, the company has completed hundreds of successful projects, vastly increased its staff, diversified technical capacities, and added 10,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with full fabrication capabilities.

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