Custom Assembly Automation

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Our team of experienced mechanical, electrical, and software engineers fabricate all types of assembly systems, ranging from complicated multi-step assemblies to simple single step assemblies.

Custom Assembly Automation

PrimeTest® Automation offers turnkey manual, semi-automated and automated assembly systems.  We design and fabricate both synchronous and non-synchronous automated assembly systems utilizing manual work stations, conveyors, rotary indexers, and robots.

Additional Information on Our Process and Systems:

  • A full machine shop to manufacture automated assembly systems from materials such as plastic, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel

  • All systems are expandable and allow for future enhancements with modular components including human-machine interfaces, welding, marking, packaging, and test equipment

  • Additional features available are emergency stop safety circuitry and hard guarding

  • Fabricated systems are provided with the necessary pneumatic and electrical system layouts in addition to the associated documentation

  • Services include onsite setup, training, and support operations

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