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Case Studies


Case Study:

Integration of Shipstation & Packaging Automation

We recently had a customer come to us looking for a custom fulfillment solution. They were shipping 10 to 15K packages a day, all with manual pick and kit multiple product and placement into... READ MORE


Case Study:

Updating a Medical Packaging Process

PrimeTest Automation was recently contacted by a major medical component supplier to help develop a new system designed to bring extra capacity and more robustness to an existing product line... READ MORE


Case Study:

Spring Rate Feedback  Measurement System

When a customer in the aerospace industry needed a new test procedure to produce more accurate and consistent measurements, capture data, and improve their manual process, they called us to evaluate their existing production process... READ MORE


Case Study:

Robotic Machine Tending and Marking System

When a customer that produces specialized machine components involving hundreds of part numbers was looking for a way to streamline their process, they approached PrimeTest® Automation to analyze their current production... READ MORE


Case Study:

Developing a Multi-Robot Material Handling System

When a leading manufacturer of automotive drivetrain components was presented with an opportunity to grow their business, they approached... READ MORE


Case Study:

CandyBOT – Fanuc M1 Robot Assembly Demonstration

This is a demonstration of a robot assembly system using Fanuc M1 Robot utilizing iRVision and conveyor tracking to pick and place M&M’s from a moving conveyor... READ MORE


Case Study:

Robotic Assembly for an  Engine Ignition Component

A manufacturing company approached us with the need to automate their assembly of a complex ignition component using robotic assembly... READ MORE

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