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Change is Good.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Moving in the middle of a worldwide pandemic is not the easiest thing, but for us, it was the necessary thing. We had found a great new space that would give us the opportunity to take on larger projects, keep up with our growing staff, and provide our customers with a better experience when visiting our offices. Being closer to FLL International Airport will enable us to get to our customers faster, and being closer to shipping ports will enable quicker turn around times.

Having a two-week overlap with our spaces meant we were able to mitigate any disruption in services by having different teams working around the clock to move equipment. They all did a great job, we couldn’t be prouder and we are happy to say our machines are all up and running in our new facility and all teams are back at work making the systems our customers need to keep production going.

So remember -You need to change the way you do something to change the result. So If you need help improving your production through assembly automation please call us today at 561-912-9433  and begin to expect better.



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