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General Statement from PrimeTest® Automation on Coronavirus

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Dear Customers, As you have been aware for the last week, the national response to COVID-19 / Coronavirus will continue to impact our daily lives in ways that are still unfolding.

For that reason, we felt it was important to let our customers know what we are doing as a company to ensure that we do our part in reducing the spread while continuing to operate our business.

We are closely monitoring all updates and advice from the appropriate organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO). As a result, we are taking precautionary steps to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff as follows:

1. We are restricting company travel as much as possible and will enhance our remote capabilities for trouble shooting any customer issues as they arise.

2. We are implementing a Business Continuity Plan that includes Health and Safety precautions in order to maintain service to our customers.

3. Although some business and transport networks are impacted, we feel we are sufficiently stocked for our current projects. We will keep customers aware if any new supply chain delays occur.

4. Based on current information, we are not expecting a significant impact on our business. This is however, a rapidly evolving situation and we will keep you updated if anything changes.

We will continue to work with our employees and suppliers to ensure we are all prepared to maintain a quality level of service to our customers while taking any health precautions necessary. If you have any questions, please contact PrimeTest® Automation customer service team at:

1- 877-522-8439

With kind regards,

Steve Benvenuto & Dan Press PrimeTest® Automation



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