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Is Home Maintenance Ruining Your Weekends?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Check out the world’s fastest lawnmower - Honda's new Mean Mower V2!

While it is not actually on the market, this one of a kind lawnmower can reach a top speed of 150.99 miles per hour. Of course, mowing at that speed will most likely end in a fatality, or at the very least, any turn of the wheel could catapult you into your neighbors vegetable garden.

In the end, it doesn't sound very practical - So why build it?

While it’s no secret that most engineers have a driving need to design and build amazing products, for Honda, they wanted to reclaim a Guinness World Record they had lost a few years ago. It seems like a lot of work to build something that will never make it to the consumer, but we get it.

At PrimeTest Automation, we understand what drives others to push the limits of what was possible yesterday to create something better for tomorrow. We are constantly stretching ourselves to think outside of the box. This enables us to solve each customer’s problem with cutting edge solutions that become the building blocks for future systems.

Throughout our designing and building process, we are constantly using the latest tools and technologies in new ways to solve the manufacturing problems our customers face. Although with each job, we focus on our customers' immediate needs, there is always the potential to develop an innovative solution capable of revolutionizing an entire industry.

So carry on Honda and all those who blaze the trail for the ground-breaking solutions of tomorrow.



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