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Passing the torch...

At PrimeTest® Automation we believe strongly in educating future engineers and we try to pay it forward whenever we can.  Our president, Steve Benvenuto, recently took a trip up to Villanova University to participate in their engineering advisory council. 

In summary of his whole experience Steve said “I was excited to participate as a member of the advisor council and share my industry experience with the university. This type of collaboration helps the university make import decisions about the direction of the department and enhances the overall education of its students by giving them access to input from industry professionals.”  We are proud to add Villanova’s Mechanical Engineering Advisory Council to Steve’s ever-growing list of auxiliary positions that help him stay current on emerging industry technologies and keep PrimeTest® Automation up to date on the latest in assembly automation.

If you would like to find out more about PrimeTest® Automation and our talented in-house engineers, visit us at:



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