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PrimeTest®Automation PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT

This week the engineering team ­at PrimeTest® Automation would like to shine our “PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT” on the Misumi Terminal Block and General Purpose EMI Cable.

As a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator (ASI), we are always looking for ways to deliver our projects more efficiently. We have been deploying a number of SCARA solutions utilizing the new Fanuc SR Series SCARA robots and controllers. These controllers are compact and feature a high density 68 pin connector, JRM18, to access the available peripheral I/O. The included high-density connector requires us to perform the time-consuming task of manually soldering our interface cables to the connector . The Misumi Breakout Board (MWI-PCR68-TB68) and General Purpose EMI cable (SPCR-HH-A-68-3.5) allows us to connect to the robot I/O quickly and provides robust screw terminals for our I/O connections, saving us both time and improving reliability.

PrimeTest®Automation is a full-service systems integration company that provides custom automation solutions including material handling, assembly, and test and measurement. Using the latest in 3D design software, all systems are modeled by our talented in-house team featuring mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. All systems are manufactured in our facility located in Boca Raton, Florida. PrimeTest Automation offers complete turn-key automation solutions that are deployed across North America and Europe in the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, medical, military and commercial industries.



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