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PrimeTest®Automation PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT

We are currently working on an integration project using two 30 TON TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK Pneumohydraulic Presses, paired with a Fanuc LR-mate robot. This will provide the press force, optimal stroke speed, and robotic tool change over necessary for the project, without the need for a mechanical press.

The term “Pneumohydraulic”, basically means air-over-hydraulic.

The TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK cylinders, also known as the TOX®-Powerpackage, are energy-saving, pneumatically operated, air over hydraulic cylinders that feature an integrated oil system and automatically activated power strokes.

Overall, they are compact, achieving the tonnage available in a mechanical press four times their size. Although a purely hydraulic actuator would result in a smaller form factor, the required hydraulic pump would increase the size and complexity of the final unit.

Tox’s solution keeps the oily components contained and relatively out of sight. It is an effective solution for facilities with an adequate supply of compressed air and a desire to reduce the investment and maintenance associated with a hydraulic system.

The actual model we are using for this project is a TOX Powerpackage Type X-K 030.3030.180.12.H. and is a 30-ton unit, with 180mm of total stroke and 12mm of powerstroke.

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