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PrimeTest®Automation PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT

Over our 18 years of building assembly automation systems, the PrimeTest®Automation team has found various tools and vendors that have assisted in the successful deliveries of some of our challenging projects. As part of our commitment to provide relevant industry information intended to help you to make more educated decisions, we will be describing these successful partnerships in our new “PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT” series.

Here is one of our product stories from the engineering team ­at PrimeTest® Automation.

While working on a very challenging assembly project for an aerospace component assembly application, we began searching for a solution to accurately drive two different size screws (6 mm and 10 mm). After a full engineering review of the project requirements, the VPD Power Drive with Screwfeeder from Visumatic was a solid solution. The Power Drive used two feeders and a switch gate that allowed us to feed on demand the correct size screw and provided system feedback that allows us to monitor revolutions and torque to ensure the screw was properly installed every time. The product was easy for our electrical technicians to work with and was offered at a competitive price point. We also appreciated the assistance we received from the team at Visumatic when we were specifying the system. We integrated this tool utilizing a Fanuc LR Mate robot and an ATI Tool Changer (as shown in the picture). The entire team at PrimeTest®Automation was pleased with the VPD Power Drive with Screwfeeder and plan to use this product again in similar applications.

PrimeTest®Automation is a full-service systems integration company that provides custom automation solutions including material handling, assembly, and test and measurement. Using the latest in 3D design software, all systems are modeled by our talented in-house team featuring mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. All systems are manufactured in our facility located in Boca Raton, Florida. PrimeTest Automation offers complete turn-key automation solutions that are deployed across North America and Europe in the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, medical, military and commercial industries.



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