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Top 5 Solutions to Challenges in Factory Automation Due to Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues have created numerous challenges for factories that some companies and departments are having a hard time dealing with. Some managers are frustrated with the demands placed on them, and it can be stressful when automation tools do not work as planned. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that can address some of the challenges created by factory automation stemming from supply chain concerns.

1. A Technical Skills Gap

Automation and supply chain issues have come together to create a massive technical skills gap between what factories have and what they need. To meet many of the demands placed on them, factories have had to hire new workers, and many of them are not able to use automated equipment. It is critical to create modules and offer customized training to create a dexterous digital workforce. What this means is that the company has employees who can work in multiple areas with lots of different types of equipment to keep the factory on track. A skilled partner can help design such a program to close the skills gap.

2. Safety Concerns

Supply chain issues have forced many factories to invest in new automation solutions, ramping up the productivity to meet demands. The speed of the equipment and the stress placed on employees can lead to significant safety concerns. It is critical to work with a partner with specialized AI solutions that has appropriate guardrails in place to prevent accidents and injuries. With proper development and testing, injuries can be avoided.

3. Major Transition Expenses

Many factories also encounter significant transition expenses when they try to implement new automation programs. They feel that they need to have a program for just about everything, which adds up quickly. Working with a professional team that has the creative expertise to customize programs to handle your specific operations can help you save time and money, cutting down on the number of transitions and their expenses.

4. Data Security

When everything is automated, everything is digital. You must have a program that prioritizes IP safety and has appropriate data sharing policies in place. An AI engineer that has experience in data security can help you safeguard the private information of your company, instilling confidence in your employees and clients.

5. Interoperability

With so many programs, they may not speak to one another. If different protocols and components are not compatible with one another, this can lead to delays and frustrations, putting more stress on your employees. Designing an automation program with versatile moving parts is essential. That way, data moves seamlessly from one step to the next, reducing delays while overcoming supply chain issues. We can help you design such a program.

PrimeTest Automation Can Help

If you are looking for a partner who can help you address many of the challenges above, it would be our pleasure to help you. At PrimeTest Automation, we have the training, experience, and technical solutions necessary to position your factory optimally during these supply chain challenges. We will work with you personally, developing a customizable solution to overcome many of the obstacles you face every day. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.



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