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What Is “Design Thinking”, and How Does PrimeTest® Automation Use It to YOUR Advantage?

We recently had the pleasure of being invited to participate in RIA’s online webinar on “Design Thinking”. This was an easy subject for us to talk about since we apply this approach to each automation system we create.

Design Thinking is basically considering every element of an assembly automation design to make sure it is well thought out and uses the best solutions.

Not only is this the approach taken by our team of talented engineers, but our project development staff also has an extensive knowledge of what is involved in designing the best system for each job. This helps identify the risks and challenges in and around projects, select solid solution paths, and creates a real collaborative team effort throughout the process.

If you would like to find out more about PrimeTest® Automation’s thoughts on design thinking along with its many benefits, follow the link to the webinar.



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