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Custom Automated Robotic Wash System 

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Read about our latest solution at PrimeTest® Automation and discover the many benefits of an automated washing system

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PrimeTest® Automation is a custom manufacturing automation system designer and builder for assembly lines and other manufacturing facilities.


We are committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed both your requirements and expectations 

Our experience with manufacturing automation systems and state-of-the-art solutions for assembly line systems can solve many of the manufacturing challenges your company faces in today's current fast-paced environment.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver quality automation systems and provide helpful support that will improve your production and lead to your success.



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We had four different companies that quoted our project. PrimeTest's® sales guy was so engineering-minded, professional, and likable that we wanted to work with them. 

We started getting idea proposals immediately, they were putting thought into our project before they even had our business -


and they wanted to make sure they were giving us a realistic bid for a system that would actually solve our problem.

Operations Manager,

Automotive Industry




As a custom systems integrator we have broad capabilities and here are a few of the things we do best


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Custom Assembly Lines

From incoming inspection through sub-assembly verification and functional performance testing, we have the ability and knowledge to integrate specialized assembly line systems, instrumentation, and software that deliver test systems that improve quality metrics.   

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Full Assembly Lines

With our experienced machine designers, full fabrication capabilities, and access to the latest manufacturing technology, we are ready to take your assembly line automation process to the next level of throughput and quality.  

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The versatility, speed, and accuracy of robotic systems can mean important advantages over fixed tooling for many applications.  We keep up to date with the latest advancements in robotics to deliver powerful, smart, and flexible machines.  

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CNC Machine Tending

Our in-house software team has extensive experience in configuring robotic systems to communicate with CNC controllers and our customer's factory systems.

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Test Automation

Whether it's a fully automated line, manual stations with assisted logistics, or a hybrid approach, we apply our process engineering expertise to deliver the best solution to meet your production goals. 

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Machine Vision

A vision system is more than just

a camera.  We take a comprehensive approach to our designs to build systems with proper lighting, optics, sensing, motion, and fully customized software for on-target results. Read More >



The packaging of items can involve palletizing, part feeding, sorting, counting, heat sealing, stacking, labeling, and interfacing with tracking systems.  We are ready to build a system to handle your packaging challenges.  Read More >


Robotic Wash System

This uniquely designed, space-saving and self-contained part washing system, features a Fanuc Paint Mate robot, offering speed and dexterity in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. Read More >

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Can they play a significant role in streamlining yout assembly automation process?

Case Studies


Robotic Machine Tending and Marking 

When a customer that produces specialized machine components with hundreds of part numbers was looking for a way to streamline their process, they approached us to analyze their current production... 


Developing a Multi-Robot Material Handling System

When a leading manufacturer of automotive drivetrain components was presented with an opportunity to grow their business, they approached us to develop a system that could help them meet their new...


Robotic Assembly for Complex Engine Ignition Component

When a manufacturing company approached us with the need to automate the assembly process for a complex ignition component using robotic assembly...