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If you have ever worked in manufacturing, you know that sometimes you need to get a little dirty to get the job done.

However, there are many times when a meticulously clean part is necessary to move on to the next phase of assembly.

Applications in Aerospace, Automotive, and many others will often require operators to manually clean larger parts with complicated geometries.  Manual cleaning can vary greatly operator to operator and areas can be missed or not processed to specification. This lack of a controlled and validated process often causes problems when accuracy and repeatability are crucial.

This month PrimeTest® Automation is pleased to offer our new Automated Robotic Part Washing System.  A custom wash system for aqueous or solvent-based solutions,­ these space-saving, self-contained, systems feature a Fanuc Paint Mate robot, offering speed and dexterity in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

What makes this system unique is its ability to independently rotate and tilt the part during the wash cycle enabling the spray to penetrate intricate and formerly hard to reach areas. The use of custom-tailored robotic path programs allow special concentrations, timing, and angles and can be programmed for hundreds of specific part numbers. Furthermore, a multitude of custom options from high pressure, heating, recycling of cleaning fluids and many, many, more are available to make it adaptable to the solution required.

Is it time to make a clean break from your old process?

Call today to find out how PrimeTest® Automation can make it happen.

Sincerely - The PrimeTest® Automation Team

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3rd Quarter 2019

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