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1st Quarter 2019

2019 is already off to a good start! ­


Advances in automation technologies are resulting in US manufacturing job growth in recent years. Companies are improving the efficiency and productivity of their manufacturing processes, resulting in keeping or restoring local jobs.

Speaking of local, our neighbors just north of us in the greater Orlando area have actually led the way in the resurgence of US manufacturing jobs over the past decade, racking up nearly a 24% growth since 2012. Other areas of Florida like Miami, and our home right here in the West Palm Beach-Boca Raton-Delray Beach area, have also been in the top five of job growth in the manufacturing industry over the last 7 years.

Not only are we proud at PrimeTest® Automation to be located in the hub of the on-shore manufacturing resurgence, but this also gives us direct access to companies that have been successful at automating their processes to the point of massive job development and growth – some have even been our customers.

With continued growth in the US manufacturing industry, there is no better time than now to let us help you increase efficiency through a streamlined assembly system. PrimeTest® is an expert integrator with over 20 years of experience in modernizing and automating existing processes. Contact us today to help you improve your manufacturing processes through custom automation.

Sincerely - The PrimeTest® Automation Team


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